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Sarah Stamp | PR, Marketing and Events specialist with proven track record of results

"Sarah’s involvement with Focus12 had an almost immediately beneficial effect. Her enthusiasm and positive approach to difficult placement problems for the charity helped us manage our public face much better. She has bought organisational skill to our fundraising activities and has demonstrated a huge capacity for work. Her attitude is anything but 9-5. We are delighted with the way she has conducted her business with us."
Chip Somers, Chief Executive, Focus12

“Sarah has worked with Focus12 on getting local and regional press coverage to support our charity and keep the profile within the Community high. She has also worked on some of our events including a large fundraiser in London raising considerable sums. A pleasure to work with, Sarah is always looking at what can be done next. I would recommend Sarah readily for PR, Marketing and Events.”
Steve Magnall, Chair of Trustees at Focus12

“Sarah’s professional and sensitive approach to the vast array of issues that I come across as an MEP is excellent. She handles situations in a positive and tactful manner. Her day to day dealings with the press has proved outstanding, as has her no nonsense approach in the co-ordination of specific projects. She brought innovative ideas as well as enthuasism, good connections and a tenacious attitude to following up enquiries.” Vicky Ford MEP

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